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About Inspirational Insights

About Inspirational Insights

Audrey Tait is a psychotherapist/counsellor, dietitian, author, writer, speaker, and photographer. She brings her personal experience and professional training into everything she does, from counselling one-on-one to writing, to speaking, to heading into the backcountry with her camera.

Audrey uses an eclectic approach to therapy drawing on her professional training and personal life. She works with disorder eating, substance issues, financial disorders, gambling, sexual addictive issues, partners of addicts, depression, anxiety, trauma issues, attachment issues, anger issues, self-worth, and others issues as well. She works with individuals, groups, couples, family, youth, LGBTQ and First Nations community. It is her personal goal to help anyone become the person they were meant to be in an accepting and empathetic environment. 

As a psychotherapist and dietitian, Audrey has a Master of Science degree in Addiction Counselling, MSc; a Certified Canadian Counsellor, CCC (with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association); Registered Dietitian, RD (College of Dietitians of Alberta);Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, CSAT; Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist, CMAT, including Disordered Eating, Chemical & Alcohol/Chemical Dependency, and Financial/Work Disorders, including gambling (from the International Institute of Addiction and Trauma Professionals);Level I and II Cognitive Therapy and Diet Workshop from the Beck Institute; Level I Affect Dysregulation, Survival Defenses, and Traumatic Memory and Level II Emotional Processing Meaning Making, and Attachment Repair from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institution. 

You can find her books I Am Wonderfully Me: Positive Affirmations for Me! Volumes 1–3, Reflective Meditations Trilogy: Understanding My Trauma, Healing My Trauma, and Letting Go—Forgiveness; and Reflective Meditations Trilogy: Understanding My Authentic Self, Believing in Myself, Loving Myself, Plus Understanding My Boundaries at most online bookstores, or request them at your local brick-and-mortar store. 

Audrey completed her Master’s program with straight A’s (4.0 GPA) and became a member of the Alpha Chi Society. Recently, she was awarded the Alberta Rose Award for noteworthy service, dedication, and commitment in the advancement of the counseling profession in the province of Alberta

Her lifestyle includes activities that are healthy, like exercise in the outdoors and healthy eating most of the time. Her love for music, whether enjoying it or playing it, takes her to many different places. Whatever you do, spend time enjoying life; your brain wants to be rewarded in a positive way; if it isn’t, it will find a way be rewarded—even negatively.

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