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What is Trauma

Day 1 Trauma – such a horrible thing

She sat on the closed door-trap – just doing as he told her.  “Do this”, “Do that”,  “Now, do this” and so it went while she was wondering what was happening to her.  This may be something that has happened to you.  Physical assault with no way of escape – perhaps it was something during military service – or a terrifying car accident.  These are some of the many examples of trauma that possibly haunt our lives from the past. 

Day 2 My trauma is never my fault

Trauma is never the fault of the victim.  Let us say that together, BEING TRAUMATIZED IS NEVER MY FAULT, I DID NOT CAUSE IT, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR IT, I DID NOT CHOICE IT, AND AGAIN, I WILL SAY BEING TRAUMATIZED IS NOT MY FAULT!  This is something to remember for the rest of my life.  I will write it down put it in safe places that I can see it to remind myself daily.  Even if I have traumatized other people, I more than likely have been traumatized myself.  I still need to say this to myself and put it where I will see it. 

Day 3 Our journey

Come with me on this journey as we unravel our trauma from the past, learn how I continue to play out the trauma without even knowing it, and start to learn how I can change things and learn to be a calmer person.  So, that I can have more peace, love, joy, and serenity it my life.  We will take a look at different types of reactions to my trauma, have a better idea of how I reacted to trauma, and what I can do to change it.  It will be a difficult journey; yet, one of the most rewarding journeys of my life.  Have the courage to come with me.

Day 4 Types of trauma

Different people react to what happens in their life differently.  What is traumatizing to one person may not be trauma to another person.  Some people react to trauma immediately while others may not react for months or many years.  Trauma comes in many different forms. Trauma may be a one-time event or it may be chronic over time.  It may be simple or c

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