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Reflective Meditations: Understanding My Authentic Self

 Reflective Meditations: Understanding My Authentic Self

 Photography and Script by Audrey Tait MS


You may come to a time in life when you realize that you do not understand who you really are. This is what happened to me a number of years back. Different circumstance in my life did not allow me to understand who I was—what did I feel, what did I like, and what did I want? These are just some of the questions that I started asking myself. You may have similar questions. Come with me on a journey of self-discovery of your authentic self and discover who you really are, not the person others are trying to tell you that you are or who they think you are.

This book is set up in sixty short thoughts that can be used as daily reflective meditations. Take the time to read each thought and then think about it throughout the day. As you reflect on what the thought means to you, ask yourself “How does this relate to me?” “What can I learn from it?” “What can I do differently in my own life” and “Did that work for me or do I need to change something else?”

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