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I Am Wonderfully Me: Positive Affirmations for Me! Volume 3

I Am Wonderfully Me: Positive Affirmations for Me! Volume 3

Script and photograph by Audrey Tait, MS


Where Is Your Focus in Life? Is it on others or on yourself? Do you look after yourself first, before others, so that you can give freely and not be giving out of guilt or looking for love in return?

This book can be used in many ways for personal growth. It helps us change the negative thought patterns that we have learned along the path of life and offers affirming statements to use instead. Our lives become better and healthier when we learn to love ourselves in healthy ways. It is then that we are able to reach out to others and, ultimately, help create a better world.

"Tait's photos and affirmations will be helpful for people struggling with the negativity and destructive messages that can infiltrate our lives-whether those people are in the recovery and mental health communities or are others simply looking for a way to develop positive thinking. This book is a helpful tool in the journey toward healthier living. Patrick Carnes, PhD, author of Facing the Shadows

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