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Reflective Meditations: Believing in Myself

Reflective Meditations: Believing in Myself

Photography and Script by Audrey Tait MS


Believing in myself is something that is not always easy. There are two influences that affect whether I believe in myself—the influence that comes from others and the influence from my own internal being. When everyone else does not like or believe in what I am doing, then I have a choice:  I can either listen to what they have to say and simply believe it or listen to their words through a filter that helps me look at the big picture to determine what I believe. In the past, people may have said negative things or exerted a negative influence on me so that I did not follow my dreams. These words and actions may have become the negative tapes in my head—the negative thoughts that keep me stuck and prevent me from moving forward. Believing in myself, even when no one else does, is truly living an intentional life. 

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