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Counselling for those affected by an addict

Are you the spouse/partner, child, or sibling of an addict? Has your life become so chaotic that you do not know where to turn? Are you tired of trying to cover up for the addict? Are you tired of how the addict treats you? Does the addict manipulate and gaslight you? Perhaps you have lost yourself due to your addict blaming you for everything that goes wrong? Does the addict scream and yell at you? Are you tired of what is happening in your life?

Understanding addictions

Addiction is something that a person does something so often that they can no longer live without it…it has become an addiction. 


Addiction can be substances like alcohol, cocaine, other hard drugs, prescription medications, caffeine, nicotine, etc.


Addiction can also be a process like sex issues, work, food, money, internet, and other process issues.


Compulsive attachments may also be an addiction. These include impression management, codependency, trauma bonding, issues with overly giving, and staying with troubled people.


Feelings can also be addictive. These feelings include fear, rage, intensity, etc.


It may be that even though you are living with an addict, you may have addiction issues yourself.


Relational trauma

Relational trauma is another issue with addiction. Discussions happen that lead to arguments and you may react with strong emotion. 


Sometimes with addiction, we think it is all the addict’s fault. There is the issue where you might be part of the problem…this is a hard idea to think about.


When arguments happen, the addict just wants to go back and do the addiction again. And when that happens, it might be that you just want to continue the argument or something else. This can become a cycle. A cycle that you are a part of and may not even be aware of.


It is broken boundaries that happen in an argument. You may need to learn to deal with your boundaries. They cause irritation/anger when it happens. 


Anger lets you know there is a broken boundary, there is nothing wrong with anger. It is how you deal with your own anger that matters. 

How the addiction has affected you

Life may have become intolerable for you? It may be that the addict lies to cover up what they have done. They may manipulate you, control you, and blame you for their issues. These are all boundary issues.

How can treatment help?

Treatment can help you understand the addiction. How it has affected you. You will learn about boundaries and anger.  You will learn how to deal with them and make positive changes in your life. It will help you learn to move forward. It will help you find personal peace in your life.

Are you tired of how the addict is treating you? Are you tired of their lying? Are you tired of feeling worthless because of the way you are treated? Do you need help with setting boundaries with the addict? 

Are you ready to make changes? Short-term therapy can help relieve many symptoms and you back on your feet. For people who choose to engage in long-term therapy, the results are deeper and often very profound. You can choose the best path for your life, short or long-term therapy, or a combination of both options.

Audrey Tait has specialized training in addictions including helping those who are affected by the addict. She is here to help you. Make an appointment, today. Find out more about her training and more about addiction counseling, sexual addiction and disordered eating.