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Trauma Counselling in Red Deer

Do you have an issue with trauma? Perhaps it is a small issue or it may be a major issue? Maybe it has become chronic? Is it affecting your everyday life? Has it become so bad that you are not able to function in different areas of your life? Are you reminded of the smells, shapes, or sounds of the events? Are you experiencing nightmares that affect your sleep and scare you? Has it become too much for you to deal with? Are you looking for help?

What is trauma?

Trauma is an emotional response to something that has happened. It may be that you were directly affected by the trauma. You may have witnessed the incident or you may have heard about it.


Trauma can be a little (little t) something that is not very big. Perhaps it is just an irritation. It can be a major event (Big T) like a car accident or sexual assault or sexual rape. It can be a big issue or a little issue that becomes chronic trauma. This is when you feel like you are being traumatized again and again. 


Trauma can also be a trauma bond when in a relationship with others. Maybe it is an abusive partner that will not let you leave. Understand that trauma bonds are stronger than a normal healthy bond. Some women who are the spouse/partner of a sex addict may feel repeatedly traumatized. 

Acute stress disorder

Acute stress is caused by trauma/stress that has happened recently. The event may have happened to you directly, or you may have witnessed it or even heard about it. The stress of the experience, however it came into your life, is causing you to have a hard time functioning and feeling like yourself.

Posttraumatic stress disorder

Posttraumatic stress is when the event occurred in the past. Perhaps at the time of the trauma, it did not bother you. Now, you are having issues and it is interfering with parts of your everyday life. You could be having a hard time concentrating during the day. Maybe you are having bad dreams or troubles sleeping?  You may be affected by intrusive thoughts or sights, sounds, or smells may bother you as well.  

How the trauma affects your body

Trauma affects each person differently. How you respond to trauma is not how someone else will respond to it. Each person is unique.  That said, trauma does affect the body and the brain. What used to work before may not work now.

How can trauma treatment help me?

Trauma/PTSD treatment can help you identify what the trauma was. How the trauma has affected you. What you can do to heal the trauma.

In this process of healing, you do not need to deal with the complete story of the trauma. There are other ways to deal with the trauma in the body especially if even thinking about the trauma is too emotional for you.


Counselling can help you get your life back. When you start to work through your traumatic memories, experiences, and fears, there is healing to be found on the other side. 


Short term therapy can help relieve many symptoms and get you back on your feet. For people who choose to engage in long-term therapy, the results are deeper and often very profound. You can choose the best path for your life, short or long-term therapy or a combination of both options.


Audrey Tait has specialized training in trauma and she is here to help you. Make an appointment, today. Find out more about her training and read more about trauma in this blog.