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Depression Counselling in Red Deer


Are you having issues with depression? It may have started with a little slight bit of a depressed mood and loss of some pleasure. Maybe now it has gotten to the place where you do not want to engage in life? Perhaps, it is somewhere between the two. Are you having a hard time sleeping? Do you have issues getting out of bed in the morning? Are you eating too much or too little?  Are you having a hard time with self-care?

What is depression

Depression is when you feel sad and do not find the same satisfaction that you used to from the same activities.


When it is deep and last for a while, it may be clinical depression.

What about dysthymic disorder

Dysthymic is when the sadness lasts for two or more years. It does not need to be clinical depression to be dysthymic.

What about bipolar disorder

Bipolar is where a person cycles between bouts of depression and mania. This is where one feels able to accomplish almost anything.  In between these two states is where one feels well and able to function normally. The changes between states can happen rapidly. It may be hard to manage without support.

What causes depression?

Depression is usually caused by a broken boundary. It may be spoken or unspoken. It may be known or unknown.  When the boundary is broken it will usually cause anger or perhaps something minor like an irritation. There is nothing wrong with anger or irritation. It is how you deal with it that matters.  If you stuff it…it becomes depression. 


Other possible contributing concerns are how you deal with conflict. Do you tend to be quiet and say nothing? Were you the quiet child that sat in the corner unnoticed growing up? Do you have a hard time speaking up for yourself? Are you in a relationship where it is emotionally unsafe to say what you need to say respectfully?

A medical cause of depression

If your thyroid is not functioning properly it can also cause depression. It is worth having your medical doctor check your thyroid to make sure it is functioning properly.

Other issues of depression

Depression may also be linked to other mental health issues. You may be using alcohol to cover up depression. You may be having pornography issues that are related to addiction and depression. Lots of times depression and anxiety are linked together.

Depression and Nutrition

Depression affects nutrition. It may be that you hardly eat at all. Or it may be that you eat more than is best for you. You may eat enough calories; however, it may not be the best diet for you.

What can counselling do to help you?

Counselling with a dietitian can help you with your nutrition issues related to depression.



Audrey Tait has training working with depression and its broken boundaries. She is also a nutritionist/dietitian and can deal with nutrition related to depression. She will help you find healthy ways to deal with broken boundaries. 


Short-term therapy can help relieve many symptoms and you back on your feet. For people who choose to engage in long-term therapy, the results are deeper and often very profound. You can choose the best path for your life, short or long-term therapy, or a combination of both options.



Audrey is here to help you. Make an appointment today. Find out more about her training and learn more about depression from this blog.