Speaking Engagements for the Public

Topic: Trauma and Addiction

September 7, 2019 12:30 pm

Red Deer Recovery Days

@ City Hall Park in Red Deer

Do you struggle with addiction? Do you understand why you are struggling? Trauma affects addictions. In this short 20 minute talk learn practical ideas of how to deal with trauma and addictions.

Topic: Understanding Disordered Eating

March 8, 2019, Private Group in Central Alberta

Do you or someone you know struggle with eating issues, (undereating, overeating, binge eating) Have you ever wondered how to help yourself or someone else? This is the place to find answers. This seminar with define disorder eating, exercise addiction, what affects weight, causes of binge eating, mindfulness eating, understanding craving, how to deal with cravings and a question and answer period.

Topic: Understanding the Plight of Addictions 
(substance, sexual, pornography, financial, gambling, gaming, compulsive attachments, feelings, etc.)

February 8, 2019, Private Group in Central Alberta

Do you or someone you know struggle with addictions including pornography? Is it so difficult that you or someone you know seem to struggle and not able to quit even with repeated promises and attempts to quit? Are you looking for answers? This seminar will answer some of those questions. It will include what is problematic behaviour, when does problematic behaviour become an addiction, what is an addiction, addiction interaction, reward/reinforcement pathway, stages of change, and 12-steps.

Topic: Integrating Trauma with Letting Go-Forgiveness

January 8, 2019, Private Group in Central Alberta

Do you ever wonder about trauma and how it has an effect on you or someone you know? Are you curious about this? Do you want to know more? Trauma affects everyone in different ways possibly leading to addictions including pornography and mental health issues. If you want to find out more about it, this seminar is for you! It will include understanding trauma, individual reactions to trauma, how trauma affects us, dealing with trauma, healing trauma, trauma and boundaries, trauma and restitution, trauma and reconciliation, trauma and forgiveness/letting-go.