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Sexual Addiction Counselling in Red Deer

Are you struggling with sex in your life? Is it something that has overtaken your life? Is it something that you want to engage in for relief from life stresses? Are you watching pornography so much that it is interfering with your personal life and your work? Are there other sexual issues that are out of control? Have others told you that you need to decrease how much you engage in sexual activities? Do you need to do something about this sexual issue?

What is hypersexuality or sexual addiction?

Different people call it one name or the other. The idea with either name is that your sex life is out of control and interfering with your personal life, with family, friends, and/or work.

What are some of the issues that could be hypersexuality/sexual addiction?

  1. Are you preoccupied with sexual thoughts?
  2. Do you hide your sexual behaviour from others?
  3. Does sex help you escape from your problems?
  4. Do you use pornography when you should be doing something else?
  5. Are you sexual with someone other than your partner?
  6. Do you want sexual relief that orgasm brings?
  7. Are you having one night stands?
  8. Do you use apps to meet up and have sex?
  9. Do you use escorts, prostitutes, bathhouses, sex clubs, and/or adult video stores, etc?
  10. Do you purchase romantic novels or explicit magazines?
  11. Do you engage in sexual activities over the internet?
  12. Are you doing illegal sexual acts?
  13. Are people upset about your sexual activity?

Other sexual issues

You may have an issue with sex outside of your committed relationship depending on the agreement in your relationship. This may not be a sexual addiction, however, it may be harming your relationship, and need help.


You may also be doing sexual acts that are illegal in your location. Although it may not be a sexual addiction, you need help before it ruins your life

Help to determine if you have a sexual issue

Even after going through the list above you really do not know if you have an issue. You can take the Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST).

How can sexual addiction treatment help me?

Treatment can help you understand the sexual issues/addiction, help you stop the sexual issues and/or addiction that is interfering with your life. Help you identify the underlying causes and how to deal with it. Treatment will help you find lasting peace in your life.

How to find a therapist for sexual addiction counselling

When looking for sexual addiction counselling/treatment or hypersexuality treatment, it is best to look for someone who has training in it. If you go to a therapist who is not trained in it, you might get advice that does not work for you.


Short term therapy can help relieve many symptoms and get you back on your feet. For people who choose to engage in long-term therapy, the results are deeper and often very profound. You can choose the best path for your life, short or long-term therapy or a combination of both options.


Audrey Tait has specialized training in sexual issues including sexual addiction and those who have been affected by someone else’s sexual issues. She is here to help you. Find out more about her training.