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Nutrition Counselling in Red Deer

Do you have an issue with what you eat affecting your health? Do you know you need to make changes to have healthy eating as a part of your lifestyle? Are you concerned about getting the right kind of nutrients for you and/or your family? Do you have issues with eating disorders that are affecting your nutritional intake and health? Do you have issues with addictions that are influencing your nutritional status? Do you have other mental health issues that are affected by nutrition?


Your nutrition affects how you feel.  Having a healthy diet is essential when it comes to eating. This means following a healthy diet most of the time. 

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Connection between nutrition and eating disorders

Disordered eating includes anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and other issues. These affect your health in many different ways. 


Binge eating is when you eat an excessive amount of calories in a short period of time. Many times binge eating, or emotional eating happens when you have emotional issues that bother you. This may affect your body’s nutritional status. 


Bulimia is where you purge after you have eaten. When you purge, it helps you feel better. This affects your nutritional intake. You may need help to see if you are getting adequate nutrition.


Anorexia is when you eat very little and you lose weight. This can be very unhealthy if you let your weight get too low. You may need help making sure that you are eating a healthy diet.

Nutrition and addictions

Perhaps you have an issue with addiction. Depending on your addiction will depend on how it relates to nutrition and possible nutritional deficiencies. Substances that enter the body definitely affect nutrition. Process addictions and other addictions may not affect your nutritional status as much.

Caffeine and anxiety

Caffeine is an issue with anxiety. You may not realize it, you are actually causing your anxiety due to your intake of caffeine. In fact, too much caffeine can be the sole cause of anxiety.

Depression effects on nutrition

If you struggle with sadness/feeling down or depression, more than likely your food intake is being affected. You may be eating too much or too little. You might be eating a lot of food that is unhealthy. It may be that you are malnourished.

Nutrition and mental health

There are other areas of mental health that interact with nutrition…Perhaps you are having a hard time sleeping and better nutrition may help you be able to sleep. 


There are many ways that nutrition can help you feel better.

What can nutrition counselling do for me?

Nutrition counselling can help you learn what to eat so that you feel better. It can help improve your mental status.

Audrey deals with general every day good nutrition. She specializes in nutrition as it related to eating disorders, (including type 2 diabetes) addiction, trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Audrey Tait is a Dietitian/Nutritionist along with being a psychotherapist/counsellor. She can help you with nutrition that is related to mental health issues. She is here to help you. Make an appointment, today. Find out more about her training and from these blogs on disordered eating, depression, and anxiety.

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