Simple Breathing … The Rough Road

Diaphragmatic Breathing

The Rough Road

Sometimes it is hard to navigate the rough places life takes us…just like in the picture. At times you may not have time to think about what is happening. You just go with the flow. 

Sometimes you may need to go against the flow. This may be because you need to be back to a point in the past. It is really hard going upstream! It might be something really difficult to deal with. It might be something that you must leave behind.

At other times when the flow of life slows down, it may be intolerable. Especially if you are left thinking about the difficult times in life.

It may be at this time that you decide you want to make changes to your life. You are looking for refining old ideas or looking for new ideas. You are in the right place. This book is where you can learn how to use your body as your best resource and your best friend in difficult situations.

It maybe that you have anxiety and depression. It maybe you have addiction issues (alcohol, drugs, sex, food issues, or something else). It may be that you have anger issues. Or it may be some other issue. This four-step process will help you.

Learning to calm yourself down with your body is a process. It includes grounding yourself, body alignment (correct body posture) diaphragmatic breathing, and having healthy boundaries. This is what you will learn to do in this short book.