Simple Breathing … Step 1 … Grounding Yourself

diaphragmatic breathing

Step 1…Grounding Yourself

Sometimes you may feel like life is in the fast lane. You may feel like you are not connected to anything or anyone. Perhaps, it feels impossible to even slow down.

Part of being able to ground yourself is feeling connected to the ground. Things like counting to 10 or naming items in the room are different than grounding yourself to the ground.

What you want to do is feel your feet on the floor. This may mean pushing your toes, heels, or balls of your feet into the ground. If you are sitting, you also want to fill your thighs on the chair. You can practice this while you are walking, sitting, or standing.

The way to ground yourself when you are lying down is to feel your body on whatever surface you are on. This will depend on whatever body part is touching the ground or whatever surface you are on.

If you are sitting, grounding your back is also important. However, you will see in the next section that the body alignment of the back/trunk is more important for the diaphragmatic breathing.

This grounding may be new to you. It is something for you to practice as it is a very important part of the process of learning to use your body as your best resource. 

You can do it! Keep up the practice.