Simple Breathing … Step 2 … Your Body Alignment

diaphragmatic breathing

Step 2… Your Body Alignment

To be able to breathe through your diaphragm you need to have a correct body alignment…good body posture. It is hard to breathe if your body is slumped over, twisted, or in some awkward position.

Somewhere along the way of life’s journey, especially in difficult moments, you learn to take small breaths from your chest (air to the lungs). This just makes you more activated and does not help you calm down.

To prepare for the calming breath with the diaphragmatic breathing in the next step, you need to learn to align the trunk of your body.

The idea is to imaging having a straight line running through the trunk of your body.

You can practice this sitting down, walking, or lying down.

Another way to know if you are doing it correctly is to observe yourself in a mirror.

If it is difficult, you can practice it daily…just take small steps…be gentle with yourself…you can do it.

This work makes it easier when you come to the diaphragmatic breathing.