Simple Breathing … Step 3 … Diaphragmatic Breathing

diaphragmatic breathing

Step 3…Diaphragmatic Breathing

You may feel like you already know how to breathe deeply. However, if it is not done right…you can make yourself feel more activated.

This type of breathing is not breathing into your lungs. Breathing 

into your lungs will not calm you down and help you cope. It will just make things worse.

Saying to yourself or someone else, “Just take a big breath” does not mean you are taking a relaxing breath.

The kind of breathing that you need…is breathing into your diaphragm.  When you do this type of breathing, it will help you calm down.

When you breathe into your diaphragm, you should feel your belly button moving in and out. You may even want to put your hand on your belly button so that you can feel it moving. You could also look at yourself in a mirror to see if your belly button is moving.

If you are not sure what you must do for diaphragmatic breathing, go watch a baby or toddler and see how they are breathing.  The belly button is moving in and out.

Diaphragmatic breathing is what you were born doing. It is what you are meant to continue doing.  

It all takes practice…you can work on it…you will find it relaxing. It will help you in difficult situations.

Work on it! You can do it!